First of all,

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone Who's supported me in making my Persona Hoods. It first started as a project for myself when I had seen some online, and thought "Hey, I could probably make those". It's been an exciting journey so far! Although this is still something so new to me, I'd love to pursue this as my full time job one day. I've always wanted to be in control of my future and set my own hours. Jobs outside of entrepreneurship just can't offer that. Who knows! I might even expand into making other things! 

Thank you to everyone for your support and know your purchases go to making a difference in animal lives as well. ☺


Which Animal Charity would you like to donate to for March?


5% of all Persona Hood profits go towards local animal charities? Each month a different animal charity is chosen, and YOU can help decide which one! At then end of each month, 5% of all sales made go towards your chosen charity.
So with every purchase, you can smile :). You're helping to feed and rescue animals and make a positive impact in the world.

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